An Insight to “The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.”

This is about how you have to fight a small group full of rebels for your survival and lives in order to break free and away from tyranny. The Safe Haven situated in Woodbury is standing in front of you. A madman is a head who is force people to thin, against each other and thus cause fights and question against humanity will be raised. This is a role-playing adventure and thrill seeking game where you have to fight for your life and with the un-dead.


  • Upgrades: You need to upgrade the teams and customize the survivors in order to increase the weapons, powers, and skills.
  • Decision: The way you make your decisions have the power to change the results of the games outcomes.
  • Characters: You have to collect famous characters and survivors from the series in order to have a fantastic game.
  • Base: To increase the power of your game and the defending power build a strong and safe base.
  • Factions: Join groups or alliances in order to have best games and to destroy enemies.


  1. Focus Your Fire: While you generally fight with human players, you will have to keep your focus on a particular enemy and single enemy. During the first turn, you should be able to kill 1 or 2 enemies in order to kill those raids perfectly. You have to kill them without dying and have to complete quests. This will also ensure, you are not attacked by them in the next round or week.


  1. Observe Enemy: Always keep your eyes open while you fight your way through the battle, look out for your enemies and also what they cause the damage like. Focus on the firepower and thus take out enemies that have done the maximum damage to your team.


  1. Nearest Zombies: First attack the zombies that are nearby and they do some amount of damage before they reach you. If you play manually, then you should always attack the ones closer first.


  1. Town hall and the Resources: If there is time then build the town hall immediately. This will further unlock the levels and plots for other buildings. This is done because of the up gradation of the town hall. So, you should save the achievements and awards in order to build up your town hall. This way your collection won’t be raided too.


  1. Training Ground: For the levels that come later you need a higher level of the training It is very important that you upgrade the training grounds to higher levels. You also won’t require ground more than 1, and it will be there until the end. The ground that is upgraded is also cheaper than the lower ones. For the adrenaline rush, this is required.

This is important to know how to play a game properly and thus know the main strategies for winning the game too. People use online cheats to win the games and upgrade their levels.